In summer – head for Cerklje na Gorenjskem. When you reach the Grad village, turnright towards Ambrož pod Krvavcem and then continue towards a fork with several sign posts (Pr’ Amružarju, Pr’ Florjanu, Sonček, Dovar …), turn left indirection of these signposts and continue until the parking lot in PlaninaJezerca. To continue past the barrier, you need to pay a fee of €5. From hereon, a macadam road leads you past the upper stop of the cable car towards Hotel Krvavec and further towards the Dom na Krvavcu and the radio mast. You canleave your car in the free parking space in front of the Dom. The parking spacehas a fence because of the cows that pasture in the vicinity, so please closethe enclosure behind you.

In winter– there are several options. If you leave your car in the free parking space at the lower stop of the cable car, you continue at the upper stop with the chair lift which you access at the right from the six-person chair lift. When you leave at the top, there are only a few metres to the entrance.

Another option is to travel by car from the other side, like in summer, to Planina Jezerca and further past the barrier (€5) but you do not continue up to the upper stop of the cable car but continue a little bit earlier, opposite a small parking space on the left side of the macadam road towards right towards Kriškaplanina (signpost) and leave your car in the free parking space below thebottom stop of the two-person chair lift. When you reach the top, you exit justa couple of metres in front of the Dom.